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1RECORD.WAV Empty RECORD.WAV on Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:51 am


Since we started this, our experiment will grow as a seed and will become even bigger. We want to help everyone, to put a free theme to use and to make you have a nice place to visit sometimes with different knowledge.

24/10/2018 [ MARK_1.WAV ] ►

Our first record. This is the main team. We are ready to launch our big experiment. We are made of 2 members, and we will be later on part of the community ourself. Thank you for listening to our record. It's quite intimidating, to talk for the first time to a recorder and later on people to listen to it.

We just finished our base and we are ready to grow but there is a small problem on the base but it's going to be solved soon. We just keep going and going... Chhh... Sorry... I gotta go. Don't waste time.

See you soon...

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